Fernandez Family at Habitat for Humanity

Sunpro is donating building materials from Sunpro’s core four product line—lumber, trusses, insulation, and garage doors—to help build a new Habitat for Humanity home for the Fernandez Family. The donation, amounting to nearly $100,000 worth of materials, includes 16,289 board feet of lumber totaling 37,597 pounds of materials.

“The framing package, in particular, is huge,” said Alan Hill, Executive Director of Habitat for Humanity of Utah County. “Our biggest cost these days comes from lumber, so it’s a big help. Sunpro’s donation will go a long way in helping the Fernandez Family lead a normal life, despite some difficulties they currently face.”

Adan and Kim Fernandez are the parents of four children, including 15-year-old Adalee, who struggles from cerebral palsy. 

The house they had been living in was built in the 1950’s. Initially, the family had been looking for cost-effective ways to make their daughter’s bathroom ADA-accessible. That’s when they discovered Habitat for Humanity of Utah County. 

“I was scrolling through Facebook when I noticed an ad about applying for a loan to do remodels through Habitat for Humanity,” Kim said. “We needed a new bathroom because we couldn’t easily get Adalee in and out of the bathroom. I also thought that they would have someone who knows what they’re doing to help us. 

“After we applied, we found out that we were approved but that we needed a lot more work done than just the bathroom. We sat down with Alan and discussed the possibilities of the house. At some point the conversation changed from just remodeling the bathroom to building an entirely new home.” 

Habitat for Humanity of Utah County will completely tear down the family’s old house and rebuild a new one on the same site. During the demolition and construction process, the family will be staying with family members nearby. 

“The family will have a brand-new house with none of the problems they were facing before,” Alan said. “Additionally, the house payment will be the same as it was previously. It’s also great that they don’t have to leave all the families that they’ve developed relationships with in their neighborhood. They’re not getting relocated outside of their circle and support structures, which is a huge bonus.” 

The family has learned to love the neighborhood in which they live, which has come a long way since they moved in 15 years ago. They especially love having family living just a block away. Those close connections will become even stronger through the years they spend in their new home

“I’m most excited about the bathroom,” Kim said. “I haven’t been able to lift Adalee into the tub for two or three years because she’s gotten so much bigger. So, to have some independence for her, that’s what I’m looking forward to. Her mind is that of a 15-year-old, but her body is still at 10 months. Being able to give her some more independence is very important.” 

“We’re so excited for the new house, and it’s not just us—it’s the whole neighborhood,” Adan said. “Our neighbors have embraced this process with us, so it’s been great. Not only are we going to benefit, but we also have a great opportunity to help other families that are in dire need of a home. That’s what Habitat for Humanity is all about.” 

Habitat for Humanity of Utah County works with families who benefit from their program to give back through sweat equity. It is an opportunity for families to help build their own home (or one for another family) alongside volunteers and play an active part in making their dream of owning a new home a reality—a reality that will take shape for the Fernandez Family in the summer of 2023. 

Founded in 1938, Sunpro has always been focused on giving back to help in Building a Better Community. Whether it’s donating materials and services or supporting causes through volunteered time, Sunpro and its employees are committed to improving the places we call home and the lives of those within our community, including the Fernandez Family. We are proud to be partners with Habitat for Humanity of Utah County.