Construction Combine builds Barn Sheds for Veterans

Sunpro sponsored a two-day construction combine this month, bringing together 78 high school students from the Idaho Falls, Idaho area to build and donate 10 barn sheds to local military veterans. The event also helped excite a new generation of workers in the construction industry by giving them some hands-on experience.

Students learned construction trades at 12 different training stations ranging from framing and roofing to electrical, plumbing, and drywall. Teams of 4-5 students rotated through stations every hour to complete the sheds.

Each station assembled volunteers of local builders and subcontractors to teach and help complete sections of the barn sheds.

Despite sub-freezing temperatures both days of the combine and snow on the second day, crews completed the sheds with time to spare.

At the end of the event, the group held an awards ceremony to honor each veteran receiving a barn shed. Most military branches were represented with veterans that served in Korea, Vietnam, Guatemala, Iran, Iraq, and Afghanistan.

Each student at the event expanded their knowledge of the construction industry while learning additional trades not previously known to them. It was a wonderful event to bring attention to the industry while promoting the great careers we have available at Sunpro.

At Sunpro, our mission is Building a Better Community. We make our communities stronger by living and working by our core values, including “We Value People.” By giving back through sponsoring and volunteering services for veterans and high school students, Sunpro is committed to helping improve the people and places we call home.