The Martinez Family

Sunpro, continuing its tradition of community support, has made a significant contribution to the Hands on Hope nonprofit this year. With a $5,000 donation of materials, Sunpro is directly impacting the lives of the Martinez and Moreno families from Mexico with the construction of new homes. 

“We are grateful for the opportunity to support the Martinez and Moreno families,” said Greg Templeman, President of Sunpro. “Our partnership with Hands on Hope to help create better living situations for these two families in Mexico aligns with our vision of building a better community, it just happens to be in another country in this case.” 

The Martinez and Moreno Families 

The Martinez family, consisting of a father, mother, and their three young children, has faced challenging living conditions through the years in a makeshift shelter of cardboard, plastic, and pallets. They are now able to rise above these humble beginnings to become homeowners for the first time. The family’s three-year effort to secure their lot shows their dedication to improving their circumstances. 

In parallel, Martina Moreno, a single mother, has displayed remarkable strength in raising her two children in a self-constructed cardboard and bamboo home. The assistance from Sunpro represents a turning point, offering a safer and more stable environment for her family. 

Laying a Foundation for a More Secure Future 

Sunpro is donating lumber, roof sheeting, siding, spray foam, clips, anchor bolts, and more to the construction of the two new homes. Hands on Hope wouldn’t be able to build without these essential items. 

By supporting the construction of new houses for these families, Sunpro is helping them lay the foundation for a more secure future. These stories are powerful examples of overcoming adversity. With Sunpro’s support through Hands on Hope, the Martinez and Moreno families are able to transition from hardship to homeownership. 

Sunpro has consistently extended beyond its role as a building materials supplier to become an integral part of Building a Better Community, including with its latest support for the Martinez and Moreno families. For information on how to contribute to the Hands on Hope project, please visit Hands on Hope.