Brian Madsen, a seasoned forklift operator at Sunpro, approaches his retirement after 23 years of dedicated service. It all began with a decision he made to move to St. George for a quieter life. 

“I wanted to be down south for retirement, so I made my plans a reality,” Brian said. “I knew the company and put in an application, and I’ve been here ever since. It can cool down from time to time here, but at least I don’t have to fight the snow like I used to.” 

A Reliable Cornerstone of Operations 

In his role, Brian primarily handles LVLs, I-joists, and other building materials in his forklift—which is oftentimes easier said than done. 

“It’s been a bit of a challenge sometimes, figuring out how to fulfill orders, especially the special ones,” Brian said. “I pull items of any size, anything that’s needed. I go through the orders and work on them throughout the day. There’s a lot of variety with different projects and materials that I get to work with.” 

Brian has worked with several supervisors in his role, including Barry Ferdinando and Travis York. Travis commends Brian’s expertise and reliability day after day. 

“Brian has been a dedicated employee for the company for 23 years,” Travis said. “He has been one of the most reliable, and knowledgeable team members during that time period. Brian has done one of the most challenging positions dealing with chainsaw use, unit saw, LVLs, and I-joists. Outside the box thinking is the only way to be successful in his area. We will miss Brian tremendously but wish him the best in his retirement!” 

More Than Just a Job 

For Brian, the essence of his job at Sunpro has extended beyond the daily tasks. 

“The people I work with have treated me really well,” Brian said. “It’s really a nice family-oriented company. This is a great company to work for.” 

His sense of family and community resonates with the experiences he has had at Sunpro. Brian, a widower with three children and eleven grandchildren, has always found a supportive and understanding environment at Sunpro. 

“They worked with me when I needed to take time off to be with my wife when she was in the hospital,” Brian said. “They were really understanding of the circumstance, and I never felt like I had that in the last job I had. They know that family comes before work, and I’ve never forgotten that.” 

A Legacy of Honesty and Dedication 

Brian has proved himself to be a reliable asset to Sunpro in every aspect of his work. 

“I always try the best I can,” Brian said. “I know I’m not perfect, and I do make a few mistakes here and there. That said, I try to be accurate and on time. I’m honest with myself and the company. I think that’s the best anyone can do.” 

As retirement looms, Brian anticipates a shift in pace and priorities from Building a Better Community to caring more for family. 

“I want to do a little travel to see my grandkids and spend more time with them,” Brian said. “My sister lives in Oklahoma, so I’d like to see her more as well. And then maybe go on a few more cruises—those are always fun.” 

As Brian prepares to bid farewell to Sunpro, his retirement is a celebration of the impact one individual can have on a company and its team members.