Youth Livestock Auction

As part of its community outreach, Sunpro has been actively supporting local youth livestock auctions. At a glance, this might seem like an unconventional choice for a building materials company, but dig a little deeper and the connection becomes clearer. 

Steve Wilmoth, Building Materials Location Manager, believes the support for these auctions isn’t just about buying animals; it’s about supporting the future. 

“A lot of these kids are involved in 4-H,” said Steve, referring to the nationwide organization that gives children hands-on experience in agriculture, “and Sunpro wants to give back to tomorrow’s leaders. The kids learn so much about responsibility by being a part of these auctions. Sunpro is helping build a better community, and that’s what it’s all about.” 

Sunpro has donated over $25,000 in recent years to help support various junior livestock auctions in counties throughout Utah. 

The youth not only gain invaluable insights into animal husbandry, but also get a lesson in hard work, ethics, responsibility, and even entrepreneurship. They invest a year (if not more) in caring for animals ranging from steers to hogs. This involves not just feeding, but also exercising, grooming, and training them for shows. Each year, they’re able to present their livestock at fairs to be judged and hopefully earn titles like Grand Champion or Best of Show. These accolades can ultimately translate to higher auction prices. 

Kids will often use the earnings for practical purposes, like funding their education or supporting church missions. Others reinvest by purchasing animals for the subsequent year, setting up a continuous cycle of learning and earning. 

This cause aligns seamlessly with Sunpro’s mission of Building a Better Community. And with companies like Sunpro lending their support, there’s hope that such initiatives will continue to mold the leaders of tomorrow. Every investment Sunpro makes in these auctions isn’t just a financial one. It’s an investment in the future.