First Truss St. George

The St. George Sunpro location is abuzz with excitement following the completion of the first truss in the location’s new plant. 

“The truss operation in St. George will be unlike anything in the industry,” said Steve Broadbent, Vice President of Specialty Products at Sunpro. “Partnering with the German based company Hundegger, we have inserted a significant level of automation which allows us to rethink how trusses move through the production process. 

“The completion of this truss plant is the culmination of monumental efforts from so many talented individuals within the Clyde Companies organization. This is not a plug and play solution. Every aspect of the building, production workflow, and state-of-the-art equipment has been evaluated and designed in meticulous detail. Through these improvements we will see a consistent production output while utilizing less manual labor, a shortening in the learning curve for new employees, and a reduction of waste in the production process.” 

Prior to the construction of this new truss plant, Sunpro utilized relationships with independent truss plants in the area to service its customers. However, the customer demand has consistently outweighed the production capacity in the market. So, plans were put into place for the new plant. 

Phases of the Truss Plant  

The completion of the first truss marked its initial phase. Phase one included the installation of a floor table, a 100-foot line roof table, and a Jack table surrounded by an automated picking, cutting, and delivery system. 

In the coming months, the plant’s expansion will continue. The second phase involves the addition of another 100-foot line, followed by the integration of a third 100-foot line in the third phase. This strategic expansion will bolster capacity, enabling Sunpro to cater to a wider range of customer needs. 

With the completion of all three phases of the truss plant, Sunpro will have its first complete addition to the St. George “Core Four” yard. The “Core Four” will also include buildings for lumber operations, retail offerings, and space for millwork, insulation, and garage doors. These areas are expected to be complete in 2024. 

“Very few in the industry are pushing innovation and automation like Sunpro is,” added Steve. “We have automated a significant portion of the production process; from loading full bunks of lumber onto the saw to having cut truss members delivered to the build station in the order they will be used in the building process. These innovations are only the beginning. We are actively working on additional innovations that will further transform our operations.” 

Grand Opening and Customer Appreciation Luncheon 

The culmination of these changes will be celebrated on November 15 with a grand opening event combined with a customer appreciation luncheon. Attendees will have the opportunity to take guided tours and observe the truss production process firsthand. 

This event promises to be an exciting occasion for customers, partners, and other community members as they will see a glimpse into the future of construction at the St. George Sunpro site for the first time.