We Value People: Jeff Childs in office

Jeff Childs has been a vital part of Sunpro’s operations for 14 years, helping oversee Salt Lake’s bustling yard.

A Lumber Legacy

Jeff’s passion for the lumber industry was instilled in him from a young age, as he grew up in a family with a long history in the business. He started at Standard Builders Supply during his high school years, in part, because his father was a supervisor there. Eventually, he transitioned into a full-time position after graduating.

“I’ve always felt a deep connection to the lumber trade,” Jeff said. “It’s in my blood. I’m proud to carry on the legacy my family built.”

The Lumber Distributor

As a transfer supervisor, Jeff shoulders the responsibility of distributing lumber to various locations. His keen eye for detail and exceptional organizational skills have made him a key player in Sunpro’s success.

“My role is vital in keeping our operations running smoothly,” Jeff said. “I ensure that every yard receives the right lumber at the right time. It’s a challenging but fulfilling job.”

“Jeff is a dedicated employee, and he will go above and beyond to take care of everyone’s needs at all of Sunpro’s locations,” said Miro Andjelic, Building Materials Supervisor. “He will show up first thing in the morning and stay 10+ hours a day to make sure all of the transfers are done in a timely matter to each and every Sunpro location.”

Navigating Challenges

While Jeff thrives on the rewarding aspects of his job, he also faces the challenges that inherently come with the industry. One such hurdle is the availability of lumber, which can often cause delays in fulfilling orders.

“There are times when we face shortages and have to work with what we have,” Jeff said. “It requires careful coordination and flexibility to ensure our customers’ needs are met. I take pride in finding solutions and delivering excellent service to our customers. Their satisfaction is always my top priority.”

Embracing an Ever-Changing Landscape

As technology rapidly evolves, Jeff acknowledges the role it plays in shaping the industry. He has embraced it as a valuable tool in his arsenal, helping him stay ahead of the curve.

“Being an old-school lumberman, adapting to technology was a challenge,” Jeff said. “Computers and digital systems were foreign to me. But I realized their potential to streamline our operations, so I took to learning what I needed to about them.”

For Jeff, the heart of Sunpro lies in its people and the camaraderie they share. He firmly believes that a strong team contributes to individual and collective success, echoing Sunpro’s core value of “We Value People.”

“The support and teamwork among my colleagues, bosses, and drivers keeps me coming back to work every day,” Jeff said. “We have a tight-knit bond. It’s a really great work environment, and I’m glad to be here.”