Dave De St Jeor

Dave De St Jeor is set to retire from Sunpro following a 50-year career. During his tenure, he’s seen the organization rapidly expand, including with the acquisition of Cubco, a company he was a part of for over 30 years. 

“I got started in the business in 1972,” Dave said. “I was going to school and began work as an architectural draftsman, but I was interested in both construction and architecture. Then, my brother-in-law, who owned Cubco at the time, wanted me to come work for him there. That’s when I came down and got into this part of the business.” 

Because of close ties to Clyde Companies, Dave was able to play an instrumental role in the acquisition of the company. 

“I remember when we were acquired,” Dave said. “I had known Wilford Clyde (current Chairman and CEO of Clyde Companies) beforehand because my father-in-law was a concrete manager at Geneva Rock and the company’s second-ever employee. I spoke with Wilford one day at the golf course about the acquisition, going over changes we wanted to make, and that’s how it all began.” 

After 32 years working at Cubco, Dave became a Sunpro employee — where he’s been ever since. He has enjoyed being a part of a larger organization such as Clyde Companies. 

“The biggest thing we have going for us is our benefits,” Dave said. “The company is well managed. There are some challenges right now with labor shortages, but the biggest benefit is the opportunities that are there. If you’re willing to put in the effort, there’s always room for growth.” 

Working as a sales representative, Dave has been able to see firsthand the magnitude of work Sunpro does throughout Utah and Idaho. 

“We do big custom homes,” Dave said. “Probably 80% of our work is big apartment and condominium buildings. We’ve done well. I don’t know how many thousands, but we currently have around 2,000 units that we’re doing doors and finishing on. Our specialty is really the big commercial apartment complexes.” 

Even though Dave is set to retire on August 1, he’s at peace knowing that his clients will be taken care of well. His son, Scott, followed in his footsteps and has been in the industry for 30 years. Scott will take over his father’s position and accounts. 

Dave has been able to stay in the industry for as long as he has because of the relationships that he’s built with his coworkers and customers. 

“The thing I’ll most remember about my time at Sunpro over the years is the people,” Dave said. “I’ve built lifelong friendships. I like to say my customers are my friends and my friends are my customers. I’ve met so many good people in the business. That’s been the best part that I’ve always enjoyed.” 

At Sunpro and Clyde Companies, we aim to provide the best culture possible to keep our employees around as long as Dave. We value taking care of our people and show that by providing industry-leading benefits, ample opportunities for growth and promotion, and clear expectations to go with the tools to be successful in every job. The Sunpro family will miss Dave, his diligent work ethic, and the wealth of institutional knowledge he has gained throughout his exceptional career. 

Dave De St Jeor Sunpro employee