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We Value People: Brian Madsen

Brian Madsen, a seasoned forklift operator at Sunpro, approaches his retirement after 23 years of [...]

We Value People: Leonardo Osorio

Leonardo Osorio has had a varied and accomplished career. As the HR Director at Sunpro, [...]

We Value People: JJ Pace

JJ Pace has made significant contributions to Sunpro as a building materials supervisor. JJ’s role [...]

We Value People: Luis Tachiquin

Luis Tachiquin is a great example of Sunpro valuing people and investing in them and [...]

Sunpro Welcomes Second Round of H-2B Visa Employees

In a bold move to continue addressing the ongoing nationwide labor shortage and create a [...]

We Value People: Jason Skuza

In the age of digital transactions, personal connections are becoming rarer by the day, but [...]

We Value People: Jose Morales

Jose Morales, a 12-year veteran insulation installer at Sunpro, has had quite an eventful career. [...]

We Value People: Steve Wilmoth

When it comes to Building a Better Community, Steve Wilmoth doesn’t just talk the talk, [...]

We Value People: Shawn Jackson

Shawn Jackson, a Sunpro Sales Representative, never imagined that he would end up working in [...]

We Value People: Juan Carlos Magana

Juan Carlos Magana’s journey to becoming a truss foreman at Sunpro began shortly after graduating [...]

We Value People: Jennalee Long

Jennalee Long never expected to be working at the same job for close to 30 [...]

We Value People: Bobby Skinner

Bobby Skinner has taken his career in stride, advancing through the ranks and quickly adapting [...]

We Value People: Barry Ferdinando

Barry Ferdinando has always been known to excel at his position, as evident in a [...]

We Value People: Joe Cranford

Moving from Florida to Utah, Joe Cranford had dreams of flipping homes, but instead, found [...]

We Value People: Jeremy Tippetts

More than anything, an incredible company culture is what motivates Jeremy Tippetts to excel at [...]

We Value People: Scott Kirschbaum

Not many employees can say they’ve been with a company for over 40 years, but [...]

New H-2B Visa Hires Help Sunpro Through Labor Shortage

The construction and building materials industries are currently facing a nationwide labor shortage. However, with [...]

We Value People: Dave De St Jeor

Dave De St Jeor is set to retire from Sunpro following a 50-year career. During [...]

Sunroc Welcomes Jason Butterfield as Area Manager

Sunroc Building Materials has hired Jason Butterfield as its Salt Lake Area Manager as the [...]