We Value People Jeremy Tippets Sunpro employee

More than anything, an incredible company culture is what motivates Jeremy Tippetts to excel at Sunpro. 

“For me, culture goes hand-in-hand with how people behave under certain circumstances,” Jeremy said. “I think building a positive work culture begins with helping every employee understand and see how their individual success is tied to the success of the entire team, not just the individual department. And how each individual employee’s circumstance affects their decisions and the behaviors they choose to manifest. The better aware the team is of the circumstances that trigger certain behaviors, the better equipped they are to change culture.  

“When you have people that like what they’re doing, culture changes. When employees understand the process, procedures, and challenges of employees in other departments, culture changes. Culture is generally more positive when you can maintain a positive work environment. It seems to me, when you enjoy the relationships you’re making with those you work with, the work tends to be more efficient.”  

Working to create a culture that’s modeled around a positive work environment has been a goal of Jeremey’s for some time. He’s been able to see how it’s affected employees at companies he worked for prior to Sunpro. 

“As I look back on my career, I can see businesses where the employees were engaged and other businesses where employees were checked out,” Jeremy said. “I’ve been able to see firsthand how much more productive the engaged employees were. 

“I’ve tried to create ways for people to see the fruits of their labor and not just see their small piece of the pie, rather how their efforts affect the entire system. When you begin to work together like that, you start seeing really great results. People are happier and the customer is satisfied.” 

Jeremy works as the location manager for Sunpro’s location in Vineyard, Utah, a position he previously held at the Provo location. He’s also served in various other roles in his eight years with Sunpro, depending on the company’s needs at the time. 

“As a location manager, I do a little bit of everything,” Jeremy said. “From managing the P&L to helping in sales, order entry, receiving, production, and delivery. It’s all about managing the flow of product as efficiently as possible as it gets here and leaves.  

“Being here at the Vineyard location is like living a dream. Prior to Sunpro, I was working with my father in a custom woodworking business, which I loved, and that’s what we do here. Overall, I’m very excited about where I’m at right now.” 

Growing up in Springville, Utah, Jeremy has been very familiar with the Sunpro brand his entire life. Since he’s joined the company, he’s been extremely impressed with the leadership and loves the value shown toward employees. 

“It says a lot to me when people are recognized for the work they’re doing and how much effort you’re putting in,” Jeremy said. “That’s something different about Sunpro. They let not only me know, but other people as well. They know how to recognize talent and that speaks volumes. I feel like in many other industries, it’s almost like they don’t care about their employees as much. 

“That’s something that has really kept me with the company and made me the advocate that I am for Sunpro. I see what we do for our employees and it inspires me. I try and push that down through my channels as much as I can as well. I tell my employees that they are valuable and that we do need them and can’t succeed without them. We are better because of our employees. I love working with the people here and hope to stay with the company for some time.”