JJ Pace

JJ Pace has made significant contributions to Sunpro as a building materials supervisor. JJ’s role has evolved after more than a decade of experience, allowing her to take on even more responsibilities. 

From Aspiring Teacher to Sunpro Employee 

While JJ initially had dreams of becoming a teacher, her path led her to the building materials industry. The opportunity to join Sunpro arose through her cousin, who worked as an executive assistant to Wilford Clyde. 

“About 12 years ago, my cousin informed me about an opening in the insulation division,” JJ said. “I was looking for work at the time, and she helped me secure an interview. I’ve been with Sunpro ever since.” 

JJ heard so many positive experiences from her cousin as an employee of Clyde Companies, Sunpro’s parent company. She eventually knew that she wanted the same family-friendly work environment and excellent benefits in her life. 

“I had just had a baby when I started, and I saw how well they treated working mothers,” JJ said. “The family-life balance and benefits are outstanding.” 

Evolving Roles and Success 

Throughout her time at Sunpro, JJ has seen her role progress from handling clerical tasks to becoming a supervisor. She actively engages in customer service, contract creation, payroll, and scheduling. JJ is always willing to take on additional responsibilities and extend relationships. 

“I’m involved in all aspects of our division,” JJ said. “I’m essentially the right-hand person to Chris Hale, the insulation location manager. I do whatever is needed, whether it’s purchasing, scheduling, or helping installers. I get to see the jobs from start to finish, and I’m always learning new things.” 

“JJ is the perfect mix of someone who is incredibly productive and efficient while still having fun,” said Chris. “She is proactive in looking for ways to improve our division, and will never shy away from helping anyone out, even if it means she will have a little extra work to do. 

“Her personality is magnetic. She makes everyone feel like they are important and treats everyone equally. Any success we have in the Insulation and Garage Door Division at Sunpro is directly tied to the work JJ does on a daily basis. We’re incredibly lucky to have her as a part of our team.” 

Resonating with the Company’s Core Values 

JJ truly believes in Sunpro’s core values. She resonates most frequently with “We Value People” since she has seen firsthand the company’s commitment to treating employees with respect and dignity. 

“Sunpro has always treated me well,” JJ said. “I’ve been recruited for higher-paying jobs elsewhere, but the way I’m treated is more important than the money. I know I’m valued here.” 

Working as a Woman in Construction 

JJ understands that working in the construction industry, especially as a woman, can be intimidating, but she knows Sunpro and Clyde Companies are working hard to create a more inclusive and supportive environment. 

“I’m proud to be a woman in the construction industry,” JJ said. “I think we bring a different perspective to the table, and I’m glad that I can be a role model for other women. This industry is becoming more diverse, and women play a vital role in construction. I never thought that I would end up in this industry, But I’m glad I did. It’s a great place to work, and I’m constantly surrounded by amazing people.”