Forklift Cover

At Sunpro, we live by our core value of “We Continuously Improve” and strive to make improvements a part of our daily routine. Our employees play a crucial role in suggesting ideas that help us achieve this goal. By listening to their suggestions and understanding how we can enhance our processes, we’ve been able to see an increase in efficiency and money saved. 

Recently, our Salt Lake City location began the process of making significant improvements to trailer light replacements, thanks to an idea suggested by Miroslav Andjelic, one of our building materials supervisors. Miroslav proposed building a shelf with little boxes for each company truck, which would contain spare marker lights and other light bulbs. This enables us to replace any lights that go out quickly without waiting for a service truck to arrive. 

Previously, we had to wait for two to three hours for a service truck, depending on the location and the type of light that needed replacement. With the new system in place, we can replace lights in just five to ten minutes, considerably reducing downtime and increasing productivity. 

The idea was a team effort, with Miroslav bringing it to his supervisor, who quickly agreed to implement it. While still a work in progress, the new system will significantly improve this experience.

Additionally, one of our forklift operators identified an issue with our forklifts getting covered in snow during the winter, reducing their lifespan. He suggested purchasing clear plastic covers to protect them from the elements. This simple yet significant adjustment is another example of our commitment to continuous improvement and willingness to listen to our team members’ ideas. 

At Sunpro, we value our employees’ input and recognize that their ideas can lead to increased efficiency and productivity, benefiting both the company and our customers. These two improvements are a testament to our commitment to continuously improving our processes and delivering exceptional results.