H-2B Visa Employees

In a bold move to continue addressing the ongoing nationwide labor shortage and create a more diverse workforce, Sunpro has once again welcomed a group of team members through the H-2B visa program. Building on the success of previous H-2B hires, this time Sunpro has expanded its workforce by recruiting 42 skilled individuals, 25 from Mexico and 17 from El Salvador. 

“We owe a tremendous debt of gratitude to our extraordinary H-2B visa workers,” said Sunpro President Greg Templeman. “It’s truly a one-of-a-kind opportunity for them, and the unique perspectives and backgrounds they bring from abroad have added a welcome international dimension to our company culture. We are so grateful for their dedication, day in and day out.” 

H-2B Visa Hires: Round Two 

The U.S. Department of Labor’s H-2B visa program allows Sunpro to temporary hire non-immigrants to perform nonagricultural labor or services in the United States. After conducting thorough research, Sunpro first pursued the new H-2B program last year with the hiring of 45 new employees from El Salvador. 

To qualify for the visas both last year and this year, Sunpro had to demonstrate seasonal hiring needs and ensure the same working conditions as other employees. To streamline the hiring process this year, Sunpro leveraged its resources and collaborated with the consulate in Monterrey, Mexico, to facilitate the visa paperwork for these skilled workers, eliminating the need for most in-person interviews. 

A Growing Workforce 

The 25 new team members from Mexico come from various regions, including Michoacan, Monterrey, Guerrero, Jalisco, and Mexico City. Of the 17 Salvadorian employees, 5 are new to the program and 12 are returning workers who can immediately tap into their experience from last year. 

10 employees from El Salvador began their employment on June 12, while 13 others from Mexico joined on June 19. Sunpro has strategically allocated the H-2B employees across various locations including, 10 employees being allocated to St. George, 10 to Willard, and the rest at the Lindon Truss facility and other locations

Recruitment Process and Transition 

One of the key factors that motivated these individuals to join Sunpro was the referral program established through family members already working for the company. 

Sunpro has taken comprehensive measures to ensure the well-being of these new employees while they adjust to a new country. For those without relatives in the area, the company has helped coordinate housing, transportation, internet access, and phone service. Additionally, Sunpro hopes that many of the incoming employees will take advantage of the tuition reimbursement program and voluntarily take English classes outside of work, which will help improve communication skills for their labor and day-to-day interactions. 

Building Bridges 

“Our H-2B visa team members bring something truly special to the table,” said Sunpro Human Resources Director Leonardo Osorio. “We are thrilled and welcome them with open arms, we are ready to learn from each other and grow together. With their arrival, they are helping us fill labor gaps while continuing to build cultural bridges and understanding. Together, we are shaping a brighter future for Sunpro and continue demonstrating that equity, diversity, inclusion, and belonging are part of our DNA.” 

The success of the H-2B visa program at Sunpro has been a recruitment highlight for the past two years, and plans are in place to continue the program in the years ahead. Sunpro is proud to support and give back to others, and initiatives like the H-2B visa program align perfectly with our mission of Building a Better Community.