Juan Carlos Magana

Juan Carlos Magana’s journey to becoming a truss foreman at Sunpro began shortly after graduating from high school. He was building trusses at another company before he heard about Sunpro from a friend. 

“He tried to get me to apply for over a year, and I just wouldn’t listen to him,” Juan said. “Eventually, I realized that there were good opportunities at Sunpro, so I had better apply. Now I regret that I didn’t listen to him sooner.” 

Juan recognizes many advantages that come with working for the company. The culture, in particular, has impressed him. He appreciates that the company takes employee input seriously, regardless of position or tenure. 

“They really take your thoughts into consideration,” Juan said. “It doesn’t matter who you are or how many years you’ve been with the company, you are always treated the same and with lots of respect.” 

Not only has Juan been treated respect, but he has found opportunities for continual learning on the job—helping him feel eager to share what he’s learned with others. 

“Sunpro helps you feel more confident by giving you many opportunities to grow,” Juan said. “I would like to keep learning because I have a lot to learn—especially from more experienced guys. I want to become a better worker, and going forward, teach others—giving good advice to them and showing them the skills that I have.” 

Austin Maisey, Truss Operations Manager, recognizes the key role Juan plays in day-to-day work. 

“Juan is humble, hardworking, and teachable—which is a hard combination to come by,” Austin said. “He seems to maintain all three of those things, and because of that, he’s awesome to work with and awesome to accomplish goals with.” 

He believes Juan’s honesty and willingness to provide both good and bad feedback is crucial to the team’s success. 

“The way he influences his coworkers by example is amazing,” Austin said. “He’s not always going to tell you what you want to hear, but he’ll tell you what you need to hear. If you work with him or around him, you’re going to want to work your best and your hardest. His demeanor has definitely rubbed off on our whole crew.” 

Juan takes pride in his work building trusses and enjoys the satisfaction of being able to fix any issues that arise. 

“It’s an awesome feeling to be helping others,” Juan said. “I’m treated very well here, so I want to treat others with that same respect. How employees are talked about here is so different. I feel so valued at Sunpro.”