Drainage at SLC Yard

Sunpro has always strived to live up to its core value of “We Continuously Improve.” In keeping with this, the company has recently made significant improvements to the yard of its Salt Lake City location to address ongoing drainage problems. The issue occurs frequently with the melting of snow and during heavy rainfall. Because the water pools around the borders of the yard, damage to equipment and materials was often a threat. 

Jeff Childs, Yard Foreman at Sunpro, noticed that the problem had been getting worse over time. He decided to do something about it, so he brought the issue up in a team meeting. He and other team members then brainstormed ideas to solve the problem. 

A few drainage spots and a gutter were previously installed on site, but several of the drainage areas in the north were overgrown with weeds. The solution involved a combination of measures, including improving the grading of the land, adding drainage channels and catch basins, and installing new drainpipes. 

On the east side of the yard, just one spot needed drainage, and that was easily resolved. However, about 30 to 40 yards to the south, a low spot was causing issues. That area would often collect up to six or seven inches of water. 

To resolve this problem, team members have made plans to use a concrete saw to cut into the curb for the installation of additional drainpipe. From there, they will dig a trench leading into an adjacent canal. This solution will allow water to flow out of the low spot straight into the canal, preventing it from becoming a problem area again. 

The improvements already implemented have significantly increased the yard’s ability to handle heavy rainfall and prevent water buildup. Future improvements are likely to further solve the problem, allowing team members to focus their attention on more important tasks while Building a Better Community. 

Sunpro’s commitment to continuous improvement is not limited to its facilities but extends to all aspects of its operations, including out in the yard. While listening to and doing something about the concerns of everyday employees like Jeff, Sunpro has demonstrated its commitment to providing a safe, efficient, and reliable working environment for its employees.