We Value People: Jason Skuza

In the age of digital transactions, personal connections are becoming rarer by the day, but Jason Skuza stands out from the crowd. As a building materials sales representative at Sunpro, he has carved out a niche in the industry by building genuine relationships with his clients—in fact, it has become the cornerstone of his success. 

“Most of my customers are my close friends outside of work,” Jason said. “It makes for a fun day-to-day experience. I love my interactions with my friends, and getting to know new customers is also a highlight for me.” 

Jason’s journey within Sunpro shows the company’s commitment to nurturing talent and providing opportunities for growth. He started as a truck driver and has excelled with each new role given him. 

“When I came here, I didn’t want to do anything too heavy because I help take care of my son, who has special needs,” Jason said. “So, I started as a driver and gradually moved into estimating, dispatching, and eventually, sales.” 

The diverse roles he has taken on highlight his adaptability and the trust he’s received from Sunpro’s leadership. Building Materials Location Manager Dan Peterson understands just how special Jason’s abilities are to the company. 

“Jason is a remarkable individual who exemplifies attention to detail and a proactive approach in everything he does,” Dan said. “His commitment to wrapping up tasks and meeting deadlines is truly impressive. 

“What sets Jason apart is his networking abilities and the strong relationships he builds with his customers. He goes above and beyond to fulfill their needs, and as a result, his network continues to expand. He’s truly dedicated to customer satisfaction and building relationships that last.” 

Outside of Building a Better Community at Sunpro, Jason’s family takes center stage. As a devoted husband and father of three, he cherishes every moment spent with his loved ones. 

“I love the sand dunes, camping, and ATVing,” Jason said. “Our family embraces the great outdoors, seeking adventure and creating lifelong memories in nature’s playground. We love it outside.” 

Looking ahead, Jason’s focus is on continuing to expand his customer base and providing outstanding service. He appreciates the flexibility and family-oriented culture that Sunpro offers. While he aspires to mentor others and share his expertise, his primary goal is to consistently grow both personally and professionally. 

“Clyde Companies is an awesome place to work, and Sunpro has a great family atmosphere,” Jason said. “Stick with it, show interest in moving up, and this is the company that will support your growth. I’m proof of that.” 

We Value People: Jason Skuza